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How do I export my ad?This article shows you how to export your banners when they are ready to go live 🌟
Export a whole campaign at onceThis guide will show you how you can export multiple banners inside Creative Manager at once
How to edit a live ad from your accountThis article describes the advantages of live editing an ad and how simple it is to do it
How to invite your teammates to ZuuviTeamwork makes dreams work, which is why this article describes how you invite new users to your account.
How to work with Fall Back imagesThis article describes how you can let your colleagues in Creative Manager create Fall Back images
How to find your ads in Creative Manager when a campaign section gets deletedThis article lets you know where you can find your banners from a deleted campaign section
How do I easily preview and get feedback on my ads?This article shows you how to simply send a preview link for an easy way to get feedback
How do I update a template in Creative Manager with changes created in Studio?This article lets you know how to update your template/campaign in Creative Manager with the latest changes or formats created in Studio
I can't find my template in Manager when I create a campaignThis article tells you how to find your campaign when it's ready to go live
How do I create a campaign?This article tells you how to get a campaign created with all your formats from a specific template collection
How do I see a preview in Manager of all my ads within the same campaign?This article will show how you in Creative Manager can retrieve a preview link for all of the formats in your campaign.
What are responsive banners? pros and cons?This article will go through what responsive banners are and their pros and cons. Moreover what value you will get out of responsive ads?
How do I best work with the text field?This article will go through our Text Field: What can you edit? What are tips and tricks? How can I optimize my workflow?
How do I change the name of my formats in Manager?This article shows you the few steps it takes to change the name of a format in your campaign in Creative Manager.
How do I delete a campaign?Let us take you trough just how you delete a campaign in Creative Manager 🧐
How do I duplicate a campaign?Want to duplicate a campaign instead of creating one from scratch - you have found the exact right article, let's look at the easy steps 🚀
How do I change the name of my campaign?This article will show you how to change the name of your campaigns 😊
How and where can I see Impressions and CTR?This article will go through where you can see the impressions and CTR for your creatives.
What is Hosting?This article will take you through the advantages of hosting, what it means for your workflow, and how you easy you can implement it.
How to edit your banner while they're live?
How to move your campaign to a Campaign Section
What are my export options?This article will go through the different export options you find in Zuuvi, as well as some points you might need to be aware of.
How to check your banner in an incognito browserThis article describes how you can check your banner in an incognito browser as well as it's advantages
How to create a great structure in ManagerDo you love a good to-do list as well as creating a structure that streamlines your workflow then you have come the exact right place!
How to host through ZuuviThis article tells you how to export you ads when it comes to the hosting part
How to get your images saved as JPG and not JFIFA fix to save images as JPG and not JFIF.