Export a whole campaign at once

This guide will show you how you can export multiple banners inside Creative Manager at once

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To export your campaign into one zip file with all formats included follow these steps:

Start by publishing all formats in the campaign by:

  1. Click on the campaigns name

  2. Now it opens up so you got all formats shown

  3. Click on "Publish campaign"

  4. Now all red dots turn green.

Now go one step back to your campaign overview:

  1. Click on "Campaign" at the top

  2. Find your campaign

  3. Click on the arrow turning down on the left side of the menu

  4. Choose your network.

You can also see this video and show how you work faster when exporting your banners from Creative Manager.

Did you know, that you can live edit banners that are already published? Let me show you how! πŸš€

Happy exporting! πŸ‘

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