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How to edit your banner while they're live?

This article tells you how you can live-edit your banners through Zuuvi

Banners have to be hosted through Zuuvi before this feature is possible. If banners are not hosted through Zuuvi all connection to Zuuvi is cut and this feature is, therefore, not possible.

How do I update the banners?

  1. Start by opening up Creative Manager and finding your campaign
  2. Choose the specific format you want to edit
  3. Make all the changes you want and need
  4. Click in the top on "Save and Publish" - Voila! 🥳 

If you need more edits created in Studio follow this guide.

OBS! It can take up to two hours due to caching time. 

What is the live-edit function good for? 

  1. Well... what if there's a spelling mistake? 🤯
    - Few clicks and the spelling is correct!
  2. You can split-test the performance of the banner by changing images, videos, text, colors, etc. You can change everything.
  3. The product on the ad is sold out but the ad is still live? Change the product to another product! (Or contact us regarding our DCO-setup if you want to know more about how this can happen automatically)