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How do I export my Catalog Ads campaign?
How do I export my Catalog Ads campaign?

This article guides you on how to export your Catalog Ads campaign

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Are you using Catalog Ads Automation? Then follow this guide

If not, continue reading this article πŸš€

To export your campaign from Zuuvi as Catalog Ads first step is to create the campaign and go to the export page. See these two articles on how to:

Now, you are ready to export your Catalog Ads (....High-five πŸ‘)

  1. As your creative is connected to our Catalog Ads service with a data feed, it will automatically choose the Catalog Ads export.

  2. When you get to the campaigns export page, you will get an overview of the required data points from Meta that were mapped in Studio to ensure the information will show up correctly in the ads.

    1. Click "Next" when matched correctly. ☝️

  3. Now you get a preview of all the ads with the data from the sheet that will be shown in Meta.

  4. Copy the link for Meta.

    1. Depending on your setup, this link should be uploaded to Meta or sent to your agency.

  5. Click "Save and close"

  6. You're done and now mastering the Catalog Ads export 😎 Great job!

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