What is Catalog Ads?

A walk through the Catalog Ads, Meta, and how you can easily use our Catalog Ads feature to level up your social game!

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Sooo what is Catalog Ads?

Catalog Ads allows you to automatically show your entire product catalog across Facebook and Instagram without having to create thousands of ads individually. This way Catalog Ads is an amazing way through less effort to make sure your customers are targeted with product ads relevant just for them... and don't we all just dream of a personalised browsing experience ๐Ÿ˜„

Now you are probably wondering how does Zuuvi fit here? Well we are as always your trusted creative partner, the brush Van Gogh used to paint "A Starry Night" if you will (... too much, yeah a bit too much but you get the point - we love being an accommodating factor in making the internet just a bit more beautiful to look at.

With Zuuvi's Catalog Ads, you have the option to move away from Meta's boing Catalog Ads designs with a white background and customize the design of your product ads in the space of Studio. I mean just see what Fossflakes and Kvik have done ๐Ÿ˜Ž

And by adding our automation feature, you can add rules to decide which design should be shown with specific product groups to take creative personalization to the next level!

Want to know a bit more about the process look no further than the helpdesk below:

NB: You also have the option to use our Catalog Ads with Vertical formats for TikTok. Make sure to produce your ads in format 1080x1920 for their Ad Manager. The process with TikTok is the as with Meta Catalog Ads.

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