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How do I upload my DPA feed to Zuuvi?
How do I upload my DPA feed to Zuuvi?

This article will guide you through the process of uploading your feed to Zuuvi.

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☝️ If you haven't created your DPA feed yet, we have developed this short guide to ensure all needed information is present and ready for upload.

When you have your DPA feed and you are ready to get started, the first step is to upload your feed into Studio which you do by:

  1. Going into your DPA template in Studio

  2. Go into the Dynamic module in your left-hand menu

  3. Click on "Add Source" under "DPA - Social Media"

  4. Click "Create New Data Source"

  5. The next step is to name your source

  6. Then you copy/paste in the link for your feed

  7. Now it is time to Map Data Sources, where you need to match the columns with the data in your feed.

    1. You can add more Fields to map by clicking the "+ add additional" button below the required fields.

      Workflow Hacks:
      a. The Column will automatically map with Select input if the naming in your feed matches exactly what is stated in the Column.
      b. You can search for the input in the list instead of scrolling by typing the name

  8. Click "Finish"

  9. .......... and then it will come up with a green check mark and say it has successfully created your DPA source - Great job 🤩

Now that you have uploaded your DPA feed, it's time to match elements with DPA data values. Go to this helpdesk to see how this is done.

For those who like a more visual guide, we have created this video:

Great DPA'ing 🚀

You can find a collection of Helpdesk articles here to take you through the DPA flow here:

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