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How do I export my DPA campaign

This article guides you on how to export your DPA campaign

To export your campaign from Zuuvi as DPA first step is to create the campaign and go to the export page. See these two articles to get these steps ready:

  1. Create your campaign
  2. Export your format

Now, what's the next step when DPA is added?
- Let me take you through the steps from here 🤗

Follow these steps to get it exported correct:

  1. Choose "DPA" when deciding on the network
  2. Now choose the part of the ads you want to have as your frame. Use the Play, Pause, and Stop buttons to decide the perfect frame.
  3. Click Select and you come to the "Map datasheet"
  4. When mapping the datasheet it's the data that Meta requires. Therefore, you have to match them up to make sure the information is going to show up correctly in the ads.
    Click "Next" when matched correctly ☝️
    1. Zuuvi is matching it automatically if the names of the columns in the sheets are spelled precisely like what Meta requires. So this automatic matching comes down to your original uploaded sheet.
  5. Now you get a preview of the different formats with the data sheet added. 
  6. Copy the link ☝️ This link should be uploaded or sent to your agency depending on your setup.
  7. Click "Save and close".
  8. You're done and now mastering the DPA export 😎  Great job!

You can find a collection of Helpdesk articles here to take you through the DPA flow here: