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How do I set up my DPA feed

This article will guide you through the Zuuvi DPA setup to help you get it right

To create the DPA feed you need we have created a Google Sheet you can use as your guideline to getting all needed information included. Find it below in this article.

The feed is divided into three parts. We will go through them all.

  1. Data required by Meta
  2. Optional columns
  3. Creative elements (gonna be used in your Zuuvi creatives)

Data required by Meta

Meta is requiring 9 different categories that have to be filled out correctly to get your DPA accepted. These are to find in the table below.

The fields are used for the description above the image when the ads are live on Social Media. 

id title description
availability condition price
link image lin brand

☝️  Read more here about the nine required categories

Optional categories

Typically, you will have more data columns in your product feed that is additional information about your products. These are also great to include when uploading to Meta Business Manager. Optional columns can be about your product's size, category, material, colour, and more.

Creative categories (gonna be used in your Zuuvi creatives)

These fields are the data you will see in your ads. You attach the columns to your layers in Studio or in Manager by easily choosing the parameter/columns from the sheets.

You can read more about the flow here to set it up correctly in Zuuvi.

Ideas for columns that could be added:

titel price product_image
product_specific_feature1 product_specific_feature2 product_specific_feature3

Download our Product Feed Template for DPA setup👇

We want to help you to get started in the best way possible. Download template the if proved for Meta Business Manager requirements.


You can find a collection of Helpdesk articles here to take you through the DPA flow here: