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How do I export my Catalog Ads?
How do I export my Catalog Ads?

This article will take your through the short export flow of your Catalog Ads (formerly known as DPA) πŸ˜„

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Are you using Catalog Ads Automation? Then remember to add all of your rule sets before exporting by looking at this guide.

Already added all of your rules or going rought without automations, then just continue this Jane Austen-esque literary masterpiece πŸš€

Soooo in order to export your Catalog ad, you first need to create your "Creative set" which is done a little different as it has to go through Meta. First go under "Automations" in your left hand menu. Then:

  1. Click "+ Create New Automation"

  2. Click on "Select Data source" and choose the same Data Source as used in your template

  3. Go under "Select template" and choose your template

  4. Click "Save and close"

  5. When your feed and design in ready just click on "Copy link" on your Automations overview

Then all you have to do is take that link and put it into your Meta business account where your Catalog Ad will be ready to shine πŸŒŸπŸŽ‰

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