How do I Clear the Cache?

This article shows you how you can easily clear cache.

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Sometimes you are not able to see new changes from Studio when checking the preview link or the exported creative will look different from what you see in your editor.

It's the cache on your computer that makes the older version of the creative stick. Cache is local to your browser so the changes have been made correctly, it just needs to update.


Solution: Clear your cache either by:

  1. Adding this Chrome extension for a fast way to clear cache: Clear cache extension

  2. or use the written step-by-step guide below to clear the cache.

Written Step-by-Step guide

Follow these two images

1. Go under browser settings and find clear browsning data.

2. Click of Cached images and files. The longer back you set the time range the better πŸš€

You can also check your banner in incognito as incognito is not caching in the same way.

Happy building! πŸ‘

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