How to invite your teammates to Zuuvi

Teamwork makes dreams work, which is why this article describes how you invite new users to your account.

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You can either watch this video or find a written guide below the video.

OBS! You need an admin user before you can create new users.

  1. Go to Creative Manager and find "Your account" in the top menu

  2. Hover over "Your account" and choose "Users".

  3. Click "Add user" and fill out the information and type of permission related to the person you would provide access to.

  4. When filled out click "Save changes" and the user will receive an email invite to Zuuvi with a link that allows the person who is invited to create an account.

Explanation of user types:

  • Let me choose: allows you to choose which campaigns this user has access to and if the user can edit or only view the campaigns

  • Can only view: the user can only view the banners and are not able to edit or export

  • Standard: the user can view, edit, and export

  • Administrator: The same as the standard permission but also able to create new users.

Want to remove old or inactive users from your account see this short guide to see how ✍🏼

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