What is Hosting?

This article will take you through the advantages of hosting, what it means for your workflow, and how you easy you can implement it.

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So what is Hosting?

Hosting is an add-on feature and means that after you have exported your creative out of Zuuvi, we store your graphical elements such as images, videos, etc. on our server so that the elements in your ad can be accessed at all times.
Your ad and all the elements that make it up will always be hosted somewhere, so either here at Zuuvi, or somewhere else - might be through your agency, etc.

I am sure you are curious about the advantages of hosting your ads through Zuuvi well:

  • Live to edit your ads
    The first big advantage is that you can live edit your ads. This means that even after your ads are live on site you have the option to go back and make changes or improvements, republish your campaign, and then after some time the changes have been implemented to the live ads (Cool, we know 🀯 )
    An additional thing you can use the live edits for is, when it comes to when the material should be delivered. The delivery time is typically a few days before it actually has to go live. So if you as a designer want to buy some extra time, you can deliver the empty shells for each format and then while your colleagues in Marketing or your agency are setting up the empty shells, you can keep working on the final ads. When you're done - before it has to go live - you can make the changes go live. BOOM both the designer and the market gets the job done while buying extra time.

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  • Explore statistics directly in Zuuvi
    Another advantage is that you will get statistics for CTR and impressions directly imported into your Zuuvi platform. This way you will be able to see impressions and CTR on all campaigns, individual campaigns, and specific ads.

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Want to know more about hosting and hear how it can optimize your workflow and needs - write in the chat (look in the lower right corner - yes! There we are! πŸ‘€) and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have πŸ˜„

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