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How do I update live Creatives?
How do I update live Creatives?

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So there are two flows here depending on if you are making the changes within Studio or the Creative editor in Manager.

Let's go through the flow from making the change in Studio to pushing the change through Creative Manager:

  1. First thing is to click "save and publish" in your template when you are done editing in Studio

  2. Then go into Manager and your Campaign overview

  3. Find your "Creative set" and accept the updates through these steps.

  4. When the Creative set is updated, the changes will automatically be pushed to the live creatives 🤯

Now if you have made the changes in the creative editor in Manager, then all you have to do is:

  1. Click "Save and publish" within the editor

  2. And simply go get yourself a coffee because now the changes are being pushed to the live

Sometimes Zuuvi really does make you feel like.....

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