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How to create a great structure in Manager
How to create a great structure in Manager
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In Creative Manager, it is important that you from the beginning align structure within your team to guarantee an easy export flow.

Within Creative Manager you are working with Campaigns, Creative Sets and Tags :

  • Campaigns: These are like groups as you know in Studio, why you can do a similar structure in Manager. For example make a section for each campaign trail, customer or brand.

  • Creative sets: These are based on your templates from Studio why you can simply follow the naming you gave the template to create a good link between your Manager and Studio structure.

  • Tags: This is a new addiction with our Manager 2.0, where you can create tags to sort and create an even better structure for your Creative sets. With tags you have the option to categorise your creatives sets beyond just campaigns, such as "Always on".

A little recommendation from our side is to create a Campaign for all inactive Creative Sets where you can move campaigns when they are no longer active ๐ŸŽ‰

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