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How to create a great structure in Studio
How to create a great structure in Studio

Do you love a good to-do list as well as creating a structure that streamlines your workflow then you have come the exact right place!

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In Studio there are a lot of ways to create a structure that is tailored perfectly to your team.

First of all, grouping your templates is a must. Some grouping structures we see in Studio work really well e.g.;

1. High-Level Categories:

  • Display: You can give every campaign, sub-brand, customer etc. its own folder with all customised templates placed in those folders to ensure everyone knows where to find the creatives for e.g. the fall campaign 2023.

  • Social: In this category, you can store templates intended for various channels, including Instagram, Linkedin etc. categorise out to each customer, campaign as with Display.

  • Standard templates: This folder is highly recommended from our side. It allows team members to easily access, duplicate, and customize frequently used templates, ensuring consistent branding.

2. Subgroups:

Within each high-level category, you can create subgroups to further refine the structure.

After you have created a 10/10 folder structure, it is time to look a bit at the template structure. Within your template there are a few easy steps you can take to ensure a manageable structure:

Aaaand if you have made it all the way here, we just want to say

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