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How do I upload images to my formats?
How do I upload images to my formats?

This article tells you how you gonna upload images into your template.

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You have two ways to add your element. Let's go!

  1. Drag and drop files from your local computer drive - Simple as that!

  2. Open your Asset folder - look at the menu to the left. Click "Upload assets" and choose the elements you want to upload.

Either way, you are using the elements will divide themselves into either "Images, Graphics, and Videos" 🀯

When your image is uploaded it is time to edit it and make it look great. Our "Image Editor" can be found in your right-hand menu under "Edit". With our image editor you are able to:

  • Resize

  • Crop and

  • Adjust

We have created the video below so you can see just how easy it is to edit your image within Studio:

We also have this article which gives a thorough walk-through of the image editor.

Or wanna add a video to attract even more attention? 🎨

Happy Building πŸ‘

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