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How do I edit my ads in a Creative Set?
How do I edit my ads in a Creative Set?

This article takes you through how you are able to edit your Creative Set

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Okayyyy so you want to make a few changes in Manager well simply:

  1. Start by going to the Campaign page.

  2. Find the Creative Set you would like to preview

  3. Click on the three dots on the specific Creative Set

  4. Now click on 'Creative editor'

  5. You now have your list of all the creatives where you can change between each creative and make your changes.

Now to change your image just:

  1. Click on your image layer either in the workspace or in your layer menu

  2. Go under Assets

  3. Choose the new image you want to use

  4. Click "Apply to all formats" under "edit" in your right hand menu

To change text simply:

  1. Click on your text layer

  2. Change the text in the workspace or under "Edit" in your right hand menu

  3. Make the changes on all formats or just selected

And lastly want to change the clicktag in a creative set:

  1. Go under "Clicktag" in your right hand menu

  2. Insert a global clicktag and content specific if needed

  3. And that's it... really that's it πŸš€

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