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How do I upload a video to my template?
How do I upload a video to my template?

This article tells you how to upload videos into your template.

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Adding a video to your ad is a great way to make it look more eye-catching. Let's go πŸš€

In Studio you have two ways to add your element:

  1. Drag and drop your MP4 file from your local drive on your computer

    1. Simple as that!

  2. Open your Asset folder in your left-hand menu.

    1. Click "Upload assets" and choose the video you want to upload.

Video limitations to secure the quality

With video files, we have two restrictions that are put in place to ensure the weight of your ad does not skyrocket. So to upload a video file into Zuuvi it must:

  • File type: MP4

  • Weigh: Below 4 MB - otherwise, you won't be able to upload your ad to your DSP.

OBS! You're not able to use videos for Google Ads, as it's a restriction from them.

When your video complies with the bullet points above you're all ready to create a cool video ad 🀩

A great online tool to compress your MP4 file is this one, which is extremely effective when having to get the weight down while still remaining great video quality πŸŽ₯

Happy building 🎨

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