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How do I export my Creatives?
How do I export my Creatives?

Ready to export your creatives and have the world see your hard work - Then you have come to the right place πŸŽ‰

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When your creative is done and ready to go live on the big internet, the first step will be to create your Creative set πŸ˜„

To create a Creative Set, go into your Campaign overview and:

  1. Click "+ New Creative Set"

  2. Select your template

  3. Give it a Name

  4. Choose an Campaign it should be added to or Create a new Campaign

  5. and of course add any relevant tags

Amazing, now if you want to export the entire Creative set:

  1. Click on the Creative set you want to export

  2. Click "Export" in your top menu

  3. Choose the export options from the right drop down menu

  4. Go through toggling on or off with hosting and responsive

Need multiple creative sets exported, simply choose all the creative sets you need and follow the flow above - easy peasy lemon squeeze 😎

Only need one or more formats exported from the selected Creative set, no worries just:

  1. Hover over your Set and Click "View creative set"

  2. Choose the formats you want to export by clicking them

  3. Click "export" in the bottom right corner

  4. Choose your export from the right drop down menu

  5. Toggle on/off hosting or responsive if needed

And bibidiboobidibo you have just exported your creatives, now let them go make the internet a bit more beautiful and get yourself a coffee you deserved it πŸŒŸπŸš€

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