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High Impact Safe Zone Guide
High Impact Safe Zone Guide

In the article we explain how you can use safezones within Zuuvi to create High Impact ads that look cool on all sites.

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High impact formats and all of their safe zones can be hard to get an overview of. However, they are important to ensure your key content (text, logos, CTAs ect.) is visible on all screens and devices.

To help with this process we have created a "safe zone image" for Topscroll and Midcroll across both Desktop and Mobile. You can add our safe zone images to your template in Studio, to make sure you comply the safe zones.

Note: Remember to lock the safe zone images with the little lock in your layer menu, so that the safe zone images can't be rescaled πŸ˜‰

Some overall safe zone points are:

  • Topscroll - Desktop and Mobile: Place your key content from above and 65% down. Leave the 35% in the bottom free.

  • Midscroll - Desktop and Mobile: Place the key content in the middle of the ad, and leave 15% in top and bottom free.

Note: These recommended safe zones are assuming a creative height of 80% - if your creative height is less than 80%, then the safe zones should be adjusted accordingly.

Aaaand lastly, a recommendation from us is to avoid making the exclusion zone empty or white. Let the background image or color cover the whole ad in case of the view height is more than 80%.

So download our safe zone images below and start creating amazing high impacts πŸ₯³

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