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High Impact - Good to know 🌟
High Impact - Good to know 🌟

All good things you need to know before running a High Impact.

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We at Zuuvi are proud of our partnership with Adnami as they make it easier to run High Impact across all sites - and as a brand, you only need to deliver one creative pr. format/device.

The design process is the same as you are used to as it is just creating the correct formats and adding all of your amazing design. Aaand with export, you simply choose Adnami, click on 'Responsive' and you are ready to take over the internet 😎

Adnami runs primarily with 3 High Impact formats:

  • Topscroll (desktop and mobile)

  • Midscroll (desktop and mobile)

  • Fluid Skin

Format sizes:



Topscroll Desktop

HTML 1920x1080 px.

Topscroll Mobile

HTML 1080x1920 px.

Midscroll Desktop

HTML 1920x1080 px.

Midscroll Mobile

HTML 1080x1920 px.

Fluid Skin

HTML sidepanels 800x1440 px.

topbanner 1000x180 px.

NB: works with two topbanners:

Wide: 1260x180

Narrow: 1000x180

OBS! Topbanner varies by country. You can read more here.

Remember to comply with the safe zones attached to your format, when creating creatives for High Impact. Read more about safe zones here.

πŸ‘† To export the Fluid Skin as "Adnami Fluid Skin" and to export all High Impact HTML creatives as responsive.

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