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Which format should you choose when using MP4 export on SoMe

If you're planning to use your banner from Zuuvi on SoMe we have gathered a guide

In Zuuvi you can export your banner in many ways. One of them is MP4 that is the right choice for Social Media or outdoor advertising. If you're planning using your banner on social media eg. Facebook, Instagram, etc. be aware that you will use the right formats, and notice that normal interaction points doesn't work with MP4.
See it as a video - and you can't interact with a video on Social Media.

A display banner are not the same as a social media banner 

Some formats are right for display ads, and some formats are right for social media.
The best way is to have a unique template build for SoMe, and then a template build for display ads.

But there is a shortcut. Some banner formats still work well for posting on Social Media whenever it's organic or an ad.

This is the formats you can use both on SoMe and Display

These formats are listed prioritized as the best fit

Thank's for reading this. Remember you're always welcome to reach out to us through the support bubble down in the right corner. 

Happy Building!