What is gradient and how do I use it?

This article will go through our gradient feature and how you best can utilise it.

So where do you find our gradient feature: 

  1. Mark your layer 
    1. NB: A little note is that gradient is not able to apply to box shadows or element borders
  2. Go under "Edit" 
  3. Click on the little coloured square under "Transform" 
  4. Choose "Linear" or "Radical" from the drop-down menu 
  5. To add a colour you simply click the space underneath your colour spectrum 
  6. Click on the new colour square and choose the specific colour for your gradient as you normally would 
    1. You can add up to 20 colours on the individual element 
  7. Move the colours around by dragging the squares 
    1. The closer together the sharper the line between them will appear and the further away from each hour they are placed the more blended the colours will be. 
  8. Delete a colour square by simply double tapping it 

Linear vs. Radical 

  • Linear gradient pattern where you can decide the angle of the gradient by using the little circle icon under the color picker. 
  • Radical will have the colours will start in the center and go out in a circular gradient pattern. 

Opacity with Gradient 

  1. To control the opacity of your whole layer, you will need to use the Opacity settings under "Transform"
      Opacity layer

  2. To change the opacity of only a certain colour in your gradient

Happy colouring 😄