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The banner ABC - Ad being'ceen

How do you get the consumer to notice your banner?

This is a short guide, that will help you to get more conversions on your display banners.


When creating a banner there is limited space for text, why you need to be very clear in your communication. The best content on a banner is original, short and engaging towards the consumer. The text on your banner should reflect the rest of your banner – the image, CTA, colors, etc. The text needs to create a bridge between the consumer and the landing page. Encourage the consumer to click on your banner with. This can be done in many different ways, try to use a question or an unusual sentence, that will make the consumer think.

Instead of writing; “Try the new model” try “Want to try the new model? Click here” or “Try the new model before everyone else!”. The possibilities are endless, only your imagination creates the boundary.


The banner image can be used in many variations. You can choose to show your products, company name, employees, etc. The most important thing is, that it relates to the rest of the banner. If the banner advocates a specific product it is a great opportunity to display it on your banner. If it is a banner that is focused on creating awareness, then use your company logo or similar.

If you do not have any pictures, you can find royalty-free pictures on various websites such as:




Zuuvi also has an integration with Unsplash. That means you have more than 2 mio pictures right at your fingertips when you build your banner....


Banner conversion is neglected by various businesses yet by focusing on static or animated banners can increase the conversion rate. This is why we find it important to think about, what you are sending out in cyberspace and how your consumer project it. Static vs. Dynamic banners are a good place to start.

A lot of the banner you see on various websites are static. Static banners do not move or change over time, they stand as a picture with a message and a CTA. The consumer is becoming more and more blind every day when it comes to banners. The consumer is used to being exposed everywhere with different marketing material, that is why it could be a good idea to think about what you want to communicate with your banner.

By using animated banners, you can add more life to your online banners. HTML5-banners allows communicating a more complex message. But it can also become too complex and the CTA is exposed to late. The consumers’ attention span is lower than ever before, why you should not just choose animated banners because it is keen on the eye. If your message is simple to stay with the static banner.


Call to action or CTA is the button that leads the user onto your landing page. The text and color of the CTA is a great part of creating attention and conversion through the HTML5 banner because it is engaging the consumer. Remember to doublecheck where your CTA leads to. A lot of unique consumers get lost because of misleading by the CTA.