How to work with Fall Back images and GIF's

This article describes how you can let your colleagues in the App create Fall Back images and GIF's

It's all about keyframes.

Read more about how to add Keyframes

Where the keyframes are pointed out in the template in Studio it's the image(s) you are able to export. When the keyframes are added in the banner in Studio then export/import it into the App or reupload it.

Then create the banner in the App and export it as followed:

Export the Fall Back image in App

1. Choose PNG/JPG and choose the keyframe (click on the dot)  you would like to use.

Export to GIF

2.1 You can choose as many frames as added keyframes.

2.2 Choose the number of seconds you want the specific keyframe to be shown. Marked with the red square in picture below.

2.3 Remove the checkmark for the specific keyframe if you don't want it (Green square in picture). 

2.3 Add the weight shown in the red circle.
OBS. If colors or elements are missing when exported, set up the KB or compress elements, as it's because the elements are too heavy.

Happy exporting 👏