How to work with Groups & Layers in Studio

This article informs you about groups and layers, and how groups can help you organize your elements

To begin with, how are layers and groups viewed inside Studio?
They are shown in either the bottom of Studio like the picture below show, or in the left side: 
What's the difference between groups and layers?
A layer is single elements, so when adding elements to your canvas it is shown as a layer. 
However, as you can see on the picture above a group is grouping layers and is shown as a layer. 
  • The CTA group includes the CTA text and the CTA box.

What are the pros with groups?

  • A group lets you organise your layers
  • It allows you to move more elements at a time
  • It allows you to add animations to more elements at a time, which makes the elements animations synchronous 
Groups are also how you create keyframes in your banner, if you need to give the same banner two or more frames. 

Which commands do I use to create a group?
For you to create groups mark the layers you want to include by holding *shift* down while choosing the layers. Now click Command + G.

Read more about renaming your Groups & Layers in Studio to make your templates intuitive to work in.

Happy Building 👏