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How do I upload my DCO feed to Zuuvi

This article will guide you through the process of uploading your feed to Zuuvi.

When you have your DCO feed and you are ready to get started, the first step is to upload your feed into Studio which you do by: 

  1. Going into your DCO template in Studio 
  2. Go into the Dynamic module in your left-hand menu 

  3. Click  on "Add Source" under "DCO - Dynamic" 

  4. Click "Create New Data Source"

  5. The next step is to name your source 

  6. Then you simply copy/paste in the link for your feed

  7. Now mark you columns you would like to include
  8. Click "Finish" 
  9. .......... and then it will come up with a green check mark and say it has successfully created your DCO source - Great job 🤩  

Now that you have uploaded your DCO feed, it's time to match elements with DCO values. Go to this helpdesk to see how this is done.

Great DCO 'ing 🚀

You can find a collection of Helpdesk articles here to take you through the DPA flow here: