How to add slide keyframe in Studio and why it's smart

This article shows you why keyframes are smart when working with a template in Studio and how you should add keyframes

What is a keyframe? 
A keyframe is a point you should set in your template that's associated with a group in your template. The output of a keyframe is a smart dot in the timeline inside the app. When the dot is clicked the group opens up inside the app. 
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Written Step-by-Step guide

Step 1

Let's start by creating a group. Choose one or more elements holding shift down + click on your chosen elements. Then tap "Command + G" to create a group. 

Step 2

Click on your group and go to the "Setup" tab in the right collum. Now checkmark "group is a slide". 

Step 3 

Type in when you want your keyframe to be placed on your timeline in seconds. 
Example: My template total animation length is 10 seconds. I want my keyframe after 2 seconds. 
Then I type 2 inside the field. 

Voila! You're now a master to work with keyframes. When importing this template to the app you've seen a clickable dot in the timeline after 2 seconds. When clicked the group opens up automatically. 

Why is this smart? 
It's smart because when producing banners inside the App based on a template with keyframes, it's quick and easy for the user inside the app to jump around in the template and produce banners. 

When the template is ready to export, follow this guide on how to upload the template to the App

Happy building 👏