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How to compress the weight of your banner

When using high-quality pictures, videos, animations, fonts, layers, etc. it's all added to the weight of the banner. We have collected tips and tricks for making the weight of your banner less - without compromising on quality!


  • Compress your PNG or JPG files with TinyPNG or ILoveIMG
  • Turn logos or illustrations into vectors (SVG), as vectors weigh less compared to PNG and JPG



  • Convert text into outlines by using Adobe Illustrator. Then do an export as SVG

Download your banner as a Zip file and let us host it for you

An example of ours is an interactive, 930x600 banner with three keyframes all kept under 1KB

Choose the platform you want to export to and click on "Download banner zip".
OBS! Not all export options are offering export as a zip file.

Find more useful tools in our blog post 🗒️

Happy building 👏