How to make a pulse animation on elements inside Studio

This article lets you know how to build and add animations to your elements

Both in the video and the written Step-by-Step guide we will demonstrate this with a CTA button, however, this animation is not limited to the CTA button.

When you have created the CTA button, you can make the pulse animation.

You can either watch this video or if you are more like a reading type, you find a written guide below the video.

Written Step-by-Step guide

Step 1

Mark the CTA button, go to 'Animate', and click 'Add animation'

Step 2

Choose 'ScaleTo' and type in when the animation should start, for how long you want it to be in action, and in value type in the size you want it to scale to. 

Important: you can not use commas, but only dots! E.g. ScaleTo value: 1.1 and not 1,1. 

Step 3

Add new animation and choose 'ScaleTo' in order to resize it. Enter 1.0 in value.

Step 4

Repeat step 1 - 3 as many times as you want the CTA button to pulse

Happy Building 👏