How to export your banner

This article shows you how to export your banners when they are created and ready to go live

When you're ready to export your banner you have different options to choose between - and it all depends on which display network your using.

How to export your banner

You can either watch this video or if you are more like a reading type, you find a written guide below the video.

Export banner

Written Step-by-Step guide

Step 1:

Enter your banner and go to "Save and publish" in the right corner

Step 2

A page shows up with a link you can share with anyone who should see it and come with feedback. Also here you see "Choose export format" and a drop-down menu is showing up. 

Step 3

Choose format and if you have a preference for the format you can click on "Remember my choice".

❗You are always more than welcome to send us the link to your banner in the chat if you would like to get our professional feedback.


Happy building! 👏