How to edit a live banner directly from the App

This article describes the advantages of live editing a banner and how simple it is to do it

1: If you made a misspelling, entered the wrong date, or the hex code color used is wrong then you can edit the banner that is already live and the changes will automatically be updated.

2: However, this function can also be highly useful if you want a countdown banner or use the same banner for another product. Then you can simply make the changes.  

But how do you then make these changes? 

You can either watch the video or if you are more like a reading type, you find a written guide below the video.

In this video a word is missing and video was forgotten.

LIve edit2

Written Step-by-Step guide

Step 1

Go to the app and find the banner you want to edit.

Step 2

Make the changes. 

Step 3

Click on "Save" and after approximately 30 minutes the changes will be updated on all websites where the banner is live.

Simple as that! 

Happy building 👏