How to duplicate a Studio template to a new format

This article is describing how you create a campaign with as many formats as you need based on one template quick and easy

We have made it easy for you to generate a campaign with many different formats by duplicating one template that includes all elements and animations. All these elements and animations are automatically included in the duplicated templated no matter the format of the new banner. 

You can either watch the video or if you are more like a reading type, you find a written guide below the video.


Written Step-by-Step guide

For you to duplicate a banner follow these four steps:

Step 1

Go to your template page in your Studio account

Step 2

Find the specific template and click on the middle icon illustrating two pieces of paper.

Step 3

In the dropdown menu, you enter the name of the campaign and the format of the banner.

We recommend to name it with the same name as the template it is based on to keep the overview of templates as simple as possible.

Step 4

Click on "Create template" and the duplication is created.