How to create a CTA button

This article describes how you can easily create a CTA button.

You can either watch this video or if you are more like a reading type, you find a written guide below the video.

CTA Button

Written guide on how to add the CTA button

There are two ways for you to add the CTA button:

1. The first one is to add two elements: 1) a rectangle and 2) a text element

  1. Start by adding the rectangle and change the color and radius.
  2. Now add a text element and drag it into the rectangle and make the changes in fonts and colors.

Tip: It is easier for you to work with the two elements if you're creating a group. Mark the elements in the layers (*shift and mark the elements*) and click *command+G.

2. The second one is to add a text element and edit the background

  1. Add the text element.
  2. Change the background field and the radius of the text element by going to "Format" 
  3. To create more space around the text add some space by increasing the "Padding".


    Now you can create animations to your CTA button that e.g. makes it pulse.