How to add content to your template in Studio

In this article, you will find a guide that elaborates on how you are adding images, videos, and text elements to your canvas

You can add images, videos, and text elements to your template in Studio.

You can either watch this video or if you are more like a reading type, you find a written guide below the video.

add content

Written guide on how to add content

How do I add an image or a video?

You can drag and drop pictures and videos into the canvas.

However, there are two ways for you to add a video. You can either drag and drop or click "Add video" in the upper left corner. For a more detailed description of dragging in a video click here.

The button "Add video" is an option for you to use if your company is working with a private ❓xxx, that generates a link. Paste the link into the URL box.

How do I add text?

When adding a text element click in the left corner of Studio where it says "Add text". Then click in or outside the canvas and the text element is available. 


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