How to add a video to your template

How to add a video to your template Video in HTML5-banners are great and looks good. Read this to find learn about how to add a video to your template in Studio

We have made it simple to produce video templates in Studio.
See the attached video of the process. More likely to read it out? Cool, see the written step by step guide.

The goal? To learn you how to upload a video in Studio to your template.

Written step-by-step guide

Step 1
Drag your video from your local computer into the canvas in Studio

Step 2

Resize the video and click Animate

Step 3
Choose animation "Play video" from the dropdown.
Now you see a "Play video" at your animation board. You can easily set it to that start time you want. 


❗Remember the video must be kept to a maximum of 4 MB.

If the file is larger you may experience challenges with previewing and exporting the template.