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How do I make rules for my DPA Automation? 

The article describes how you can set up your rule/rules, choose the designs for them, and add a specific time range for which they should be active.

At the bottom of this article, you see a range of other DPA Automation articles. If you are a stage too early for this, please scroll down and find the article that describes the step before 😊

When you are on the DPA Automation overview, follow this step-by-step guide.

1. Create a new automation

Start out by clicking on "Create new automation".

2. Choose a data source

Now you enter a new page where you'll create the Automation: 

  • Here you click on "Select data source"
  • Choose the DPA Source/feed.
    • ❗You see the DPA sources you have created in Studio - if your source is not to choose it's because it needs to be uploaded and attached to a DPA template in Studio. This article describes these steps.

3. Add a new ruleset

  • Click on the "+" button
  • Now a box with "1. New Ruleset" occurs.
    • Start by selecting your template on the left side.
      • Clicking on "Select template"
      • Now you see the different templates where the source is already added.
        Hover your template, click Select template, and see the different designs in the same template you can choose between.
Now it's time for you to create the filters for the ruleset.
  • Start by creating the "IF"-rule by clicking on "Add product filter".
  • In the popup menu to the left you click on "Add additional filter"
    • Depending on the chosen field, there will be different options in the dropdown.

    • You can eg. choose "Brand" and then decide if the rule should be "Contains", "Doesn't contains", "Starts with" etc. 

      • Example

        Let's say that you eg. want to use a certain creative when the product is on sale or is below or above a certain price and it has to be for a specific brand, then with the DPA Automation you can with a few steps decide:

        "If X (product brand) is below Y (price) or "On Sale" then this creative should be used".

        By doing this you decide which creative the content should be shown in - and THIS gives you unlimited design options! 🎨

        You can even time it and decide within a certain period which design that should be used. This means that you have the option to plan ahead! 🗓


  • In the same ruleset, you can include more filters. This could eg. be for a certain price, or if the products are "On Sale" or maybe "Below" or "Above" a certain price.

  • If you have two different rules using the same template, you can add another rule by using the "OR"-rule. The process is the same as above.

  • You can schedule your ruleset, meaning that you can plan ahead and be active in a time-specific period.

More rules? Or another rule but for another design? Then you can this creation now hover the blue "+" button below "1. New Ruleset" and see “create new rule” click it and repeat the steps above.

❗️Remember to click "Save" in the upper right corner when ready

Fallback template

The Fallback template is what design that should be used for the products that don't fit the rules you have set. Usually, this will be your standard design, but it's totally up to you! 🤩


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