How do I make my text all CAPS or Lower case letters?

This articles will show how you very easily can change all your letters to CAPS or Lower case.

So, to make your text all CAPS you simply: 

  1. Click on your text element
  2. Go under "Edit" where you have three options (from left to right): 
    1. " - " - button  will make your text go back to how your text looked when you initially wrote it e.g. Insert a Sub-headline
    2. " TT " - button  will make all your text upper case e.g. INSERT A SUB-HEADLINE
    3. " tt " - button  will make all your text lower case e.g. insert a sub-headline

  3. .... and you did it now take a few seconds to enjoy your work 🎉

👆 The text box will not adjust to the text changing size, this will have to be done manually

Happy letter sizing 😄