How do I get my template from Studio to Creative Manager?

This article lets you get your template from Studio to Creative Manager so your template is available in the Creative Manager

Start by going into your template in Studio. We will jump to Creative Manager in a minute! 😃

  1. In the menu to the right click on "Finalise "
  2. Simply click "Save & Publish template"

Now jump to Creative Manager  (look lower-left corner in Studio):

  1. Go to "Campaigns" in the top
  2. Click on "Create campaign" to the left
  3. Now find your template from the drop-down menu
  4. Fill in campaign name and section 
  5. Click on Create campaign -> Tadaaa 🥳

Want to change an animation or add a layer afterward no worries.  After you have made changes in our template in Studio just press  "Save & Publish"  again and you will have the option in the campaign over in the Creative Manager to click "Update Template" to include the changes 

Wanna get feedback on your creatives? Let me show you how to get your preview link

Happy building👏