How do I edit my images and svg?

This article is describing how you crop, resize, edit, and compress your images

With the image editor, you are able to edit your images directly in Zuuvi.

Video tutorial

You can use this video to see how image editor work:
If you are more of a reading type then see the description below the video.

HubSpot Video


You are able to:

  • Resize
  • Crop
  • Adjust
  • Compress

Image editor is found: 

1. Under build in right side menu 

2. Choose edit image under image content 

First of all, by double tapping directly on the image you are able to drag your image around to choose the part of your image which is to be displayed. ☝️Tip: try zoom in and out as well 

Now let us take you through your options:


Change the dimensions of your image to perfectly fit your desired format:

1. Insert the dimensions at the two bottom spaces 


Crop enables you to choose which part of your image is shown within the given format.  

1. Tap on "Edit Image" in the right menu under "Build" within image content

2. Drag your image to perfectly fit the desired part of your image within the image container

3. Now you can specify which part of your image is to be shown in the format by dragging around image 

4. By clicking "Rotation" you have the option to screw the image by dragging on the dotted line

5. On the top of image editor within "Crop" you will find various options to rotate and flip the image as well as choose your crop shape and crop boundaries


You also have the opportunity to edit your image through "Adjust" located just below "Crop". 

1. Press "Adjust"

2. Choose which effect you want to apply

3. Drag along the dotted line to adjust your image


To compress your image: 

1. Tap on the slider for "Image quality" in the right menu under "Build" within image content 


How to undo changes while using Image editor 

If you want to undo an action you have the following options: 

1. To reset the image and discard all changes press the undo button in the top left corner 

3. To either undo or redo an action press the buttons in the top mid of the image editor 


Happy editing 👏