How do I edit a layer that is placed underneath another layer?

Let's look into how you best edit a layer which is placed below other layers.

When working with multiple frames and many layers you need to be able to reach the bottom layers. Now how is this done within Zuuvi well: 

- The best way is to use the eye function which you find on all of your layers and groups next to the lock (....see image below).
Screenshot 2022-07-29 at 08.57.42

You of course have the option to either hide an entire layer group or just one layer 🤯

Another way you can edit a text layer that is positioned underneath another layer is to use the text field so you do not have to hide layers - let's look at how you use it: 

1. Go into your template 

2. Click on your text layer 

3. Go under "edit" in your left-hand menu 

4. Look under "Text properties" where you will find the text field 

5. ... and then just edit away 🎉

This means that every change you can make in your text editor module in your workspace you will see displayed in the text field so you can follow the design of your text.

Happy building 🚀