How do I delete a template in Studio?

Let's go through the steps on how to delete a template in Studio.

πŸ‘†: Before we go to the guide if the template has been duplicated and the "new" duplicated templates deleting the "original" can cause some issues if the same images are used. As images can disappear in the new templates. 

Start by going into Studio and: 

  1. On the template you want to delete click on the three little dots in the right upper corner 
  2. Click on delete template (as seen on the image below) 
    Screenshot 2022-07-27 at 14.54.30
  3. Now it will come up with an "Are you sure" simply click on this 
  4. ..... And your template is deleted ☺️

Want to simply delete a layer? 

- See this helpdesk ✍🏼

Or are you looking to delete elements from your Assets library in the template? 

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