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How do I connect DCO sources to elements in Studio?

This article will go through the steps of how you connect your DCO values to the different elements in your workspace

Before you are ready to work in Studio you have to create and upload your feed to Zuuvi. We have created two helpdesk articles for this to guide you through the process: 

  • How to set up your DPA feed
  • How to upload your DCO feed to Zuuvi Studio

Now that you have created your DCO feed and uploaded it to Studio you are ready for the next step. Firstly you will need to attach a data source to your entire template. To do this see the steps below: 

  1. Go into the dynamic module in the left-hand menu and click on "DCO - Display"
  2. Then choose a data source by hovering over the feed and clicking "Select source". 
  3. .. and voila now you can attach the different values to your text and image layers.

Attach source to Image

To attach value to an image layer you will need to: 

  1. Click on the image 
  2. Go under "Edit" in the right-side menu
  3. Under "Data source field" choose the dynamic value which you would like to attach

Attach source to Text field

To attach a value to any text layer, go: 

  1. Click on the text layer and mark the text
  2. Choose the DCO option in the inline text edit module (to the right) 
  3. Choose data value in the drop-down menu 

Tip! You can also add values to a part of the text element. If you are going to state a price and your feed only includes "999" then you can write "€" in the text field and only mark the default price.

You are almost there now.
After this you can see a preview of your products with just three easy steps: 

  1. Click into the dynamic module in the left-hand menu 
  2. Click on the eye at the top next to Dynamic DCO 
  3. Use the arrows to see how each of the ads are looking

Now that you have connected your data and finished the design you are ready to export your DCO (Great job!🏆). For this, we have this helpdesk article which shows you the simple steps of exporting. 


Happy building 🤩


You can find a collection of Helpdesk articles here to take you through the DPA flow here: