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How do I best work with the text field?

This article will go through our Text Field: What can you edit? what are tips and tricks? How can I optimize my workflow?

The steps are the same for both Manager and Studio.

So how do you find the new text field? Let's go through the steps: 

  1. Enter your template 
  2. Click on your text layer 
  3. Go under "edit" 
  4. Look under "Text Properties" and you will find the text field 
  5. ... and then just edit away 

This means that every change you can make in your text editor module in your workspace you will see displayed in the text field so you can follow the design of your text. 

We have also created a short video showing how you reach it and how it works (see below): 

HubSpot Video

Tip: Instead of hiding layers to reach and edit an underlying text layer simply click on it in your layer menu and change the text or design in the text field. 👩‍💻 

Happy writing 😄