How do I add Click tags?

This article will take you through how you add multiple click tags in your creative workspace.

 In your right-hand menu, you will find the tap called "Click tag", this is where the magic happens. It is divided into Global Click tag and Content Specific Click tag so let's go through them: 

👆 If you are displaying your banners in Google Ads you don't have to add a click tag, as you need to add the click tag yourself when uploading banners in Google Ads. 

Global Click tag:

This click tag will be applied to the entire format, so no matter where they click on the format it will take them to this landing page. 

To add a Global Click tag simple: 

  1. Click on "Click tag" in your right-hand menu 
  2. Insert your landing page under Globale Click-tag 
And voila you are done 🚀

👆 NB: If you have added a content specific click-tag to an element this will overrule the global click-tag  

Content Specific Click tag

When your ass a content specific click-tag you attach a landing page to one specific element so that only if that element is clicked will the viewer be redirected to that page.

This is ideal if you have multiple products you want to give their own click-tag or if you want to add a click-tag to your terms and conditions text. 

To add a Content Specific Click tag:

  1. Go under "Click tag" in your right-hand menu 
  2. Click on the "Add content specific click tag" 
  3. Change the name of the click tag: 
    1. Hover over the name 
    2. Click on the little pencil next to the name 
    3. Write a cool new name that will help create a
      good and manageable structure 🤓
  4. Set the duration of when you want the click tag to
    be attached to the element
  5. Add your link 
  6. Click on Configure elements 
  7. Choose an element in the dropdown menu 
  8. Click done 
 Great job you have now connected the click-tag to your element 🚀


You have the option to see how all click-tags are mapped within your Studio workspace. 

To see all click tags: 

  1. Click "Show all click tag overlays" 
  2. Elements that have a click tag attached will be shown with a blue outline
    as well as the name of the specific click tag 

👆 You can also use the eye function next to your click tag name to see how the individual click tag is connected in the workspace 

NB: Click tags do not work in the preview link of all formats, however, if you take the preview link for the individual ad you will be able to test the click tags. 

Happy click-tagging 😄