How do I add a pulsing animation to my CTA button?

This article describes how you create and add the pulsing animation to your CTA button.

When you have designed the look of your Call To Action button it's time to add animations! 🚀

🤯  With our Pulse effect you have the option to add a simple pulse effect with a few clicks -  this article shows you how 

A very common and effective animation is pulsing animation, so let us help you create the animation so you get the wanted effect.

  1. Click on the CTA layer to mark the element
  2. Click on animations in the right menu
  3. You only have to use the "Scale" animation. Add it four times.
    1. 1st scale animation: Only change "Value" from 100% to e.g. 110% (gets 10% bigger)
    2. 2nd scale animation: Leave it as it is.
    3. 3rd animation: Change the value to e.g. 110%
    4. 4th animation: Leave it as it is.
  4. Remember to change the Start time.

❗You can add as many scale animations as you want.
follow the structure of value 110 - 100 - 110 - 100

See how it can look:



Are you ready to add your click tag? Let me show you how!

Want to make your animation enter and/or exit with an extra twist? You can add easing to all your animations and effects in Zuuvi Studio.

Happy Building! 👏