Guide to keyboard shortcuts in Zuuvi Studio

In this article we have gathered the most popular and fastest keyboard shortcuts you can use inside Zuuvi

You want to work faster inside Zuuvi Studio? Cool - try to use these keyboard shortcuts when you build templates inside Studio. 

Keyboard shortcut list 

Use the command button if you're using Mac. If you're using Windows command means Ctrl. 

  • Group elements: Command + g
  • Save template: Command + s
  • Break line in the text: Shift + backspace
  • Duplicate content: Command + d
  • Delete: Command + Backspace
  • Click a text area faster: Command + click the text area
  • Move element one pixel: Arrow up, down, right or left
  • Move element ten pixels: Shift + arrow up, down, right or left
  • Scale image/element: Click corner + drag to position
  • Scale image/element and hold dimensions: Shift + click corner and drag 
  • Zoom in/out on canvas: Hold command + scroll on mouse