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How to use fonts correct in your banner

This article lets you know how to what you should be aware of when using fonts in Google Ads

If you're using Google Ads as a display network then you're limited to use Google Fonts in your banners. Google Ads are the most strict display network regarding fonts. 

Here you find the list of Google Fonts you are able to use. Then you are able to check the font of yours or lookup which Google Font that looks the most like yours for the banners created to be used on Google Ads.


What if I have a custom font and want to use Google Ads? 
The short story - you're not allowed to. We love to have freedom when working with designs, unfortunately, you should find a look-a-like Google font when running your banners on Google Ads. 

If your company has a specific font see how to get your custom font inside Studio and the Creative Manager.