How to get your custom font inside Studio and App

Do you want a specific font on your banners? See here how to get your unique font uploaded

The quality of the banners you produce is important. If you have a custom font eg. you brand font used at your website then your banners should of course have the same font.

Inside Zuuvi Studio and Zuuvi App it possible to have all the custom fonts you want.
Per default, you will be able to choose between Google Fonts and a certain amount of cool fonts.

However, you can either upload your custom font in the App or in Studio, but only in one of them as the font will be uploaded to both platforms.

This step-by-step guide is the same for both the App and Studio

Screenshot 2020-11-13 at 12.21.19

Step 1

Go to the banner you are working on and click on the upload font feature.👇

  • In the App you will find the feature in the menu to the left. Click on "Select a font".
    • Then a dropdown menu is showing up, and at the top, it says "Upload your own fonts"
  • In Studio you will find the feature in the menu to the right. Click on "Upload your own font".

Step 2

Drag and drop your fonts into the box or click in the box for you to choose them.

Now you can edit the names of your fonts and click on "Upload fonts". The fonts are now uploaded.

NB! You can easily start building your banners first and then change the fonts by the dropdown afterward

Happy building - with the new unique fonts of yours👏