What is animations and how do you use them?

This article will enlighten what the different animations are and how you can use them to create wonderful banners

Under "Animate" in the right-hand menu, you will find a collection of animations that will add an extra eye-catching element to the image as well as text elements to personalize and make your banner even more dynamic. 

Let's go through them and see how you can use them as well as show a few tips and tricks. 

First tipπŸ‘†: You can combine as many animations as you want to achieve wonderful effects. 


With the scale animation, you can change the size of your elements while maintaining its proportions either making them gradually bigger or smaller.

Tip: By using Scale you can create a very cool pulsing effect by following this guide which can help take your CTA button to the next level. πŸ€“ 


Opacity gives you the option to either decrease or increases your element's level of transparency. 


Move enables you to animate where and how your elements should move around on the banner by enabling you to choose which direction and x, y coordinates it should end/start with 

Tip: Try combining the "Move" animation with  "Opacity" with help from this article to achieve a nice slide effect πŸš€


As its name suggests, this animation feature gives you the option to change the dimensions of your element. The Resize animation can help you increase your element from a specific point based on x and y coordinates.

Resize X & Resize Y

Resize X follows the same logic as the resize animation as it increases or decreases the width of the element following the x-axes with Resize Y changing the height of the element along the y-axes.


Rotate is the animation you should use if you either want the angle of your element to change gradually along with the banner. The animation gives the ability to make your element rotate in many different ways. 


With Skew, you can tilt your element however many degrees you want thereby reaching a slanted look. 

Skew X & Skew Y

With even more precision you have the option to tilt your element along the x-axes by using Skew X or in a similar manner along the y-axes with Skew Y. 


The flip animation makes it possible for you to turn over your element and create a smooth transitional look. 


This animation makes it possible for you to give your element rounder corners over the span of the banner enabling you to give your border or container elements a more customized expression. 


The background animation presents the opportunity to transition the color of your element over the span of your banner ad. 

Happy animating πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»